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Our Colour Range

At Caribbean pools our design team have taken the hard work of choosing a colour for your pool and given you our top five choices which are on trend.

If you have a specific colour in mind, then we can make the pool in almost any colour so just contact our sales office to discuss your individual requirements.

Color Palette

The Caribbean
"Into the Blue"

The Caribbean "into the blue" is fast becoming a popular option. We think its because it creates such an inviting deep blue water colour, how could you resist going "into the blue".

Caribbean Blue.PNG
caribbean blue1.PNG
caribbean blue water.PNG

The Caribbean 
"Behind the clouds"

The Caribbean "Behind the clouds" creates such a shimmering light blue water colour, they say the sky is the lightest of blues behind the clouds.


The Caribbean 
"Shine bright like a Diamond"

The Caribbean "Shine bright like a Diamond" is one of our personal favourites it creates such a shimmering water colour, a pool that will shine bright like a diamond all year round.


The Caribbean 
"No one likes a shady beach"

The Caribbean "No one likes a shady beach" is one for the beach lovers, it is such a natural sand colour, it really does create such a natural water colour. They say there is no problem the beach cant solve, so why not bring the beach to your backyard.


The Caribbean 
"In deep waters"

The Caribbean "In Deep Waters" is one of our most controversial colours, the deep blue colour emulates a deep water colour that is not for the faint hearted. it is such an edgy colour and is defiantly on the top of our colour trends for 2021. Dive where the waters are deep.

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